We give the highest reward

Funds by Immatree is a Nigerian crowd-funding platform growing wealth for its numerous users and impacting the economy as a whole.

If you're not being paid for saving your money, then you are being scammed.

We provide secure opportunities to earn high income while you sleep, or invest towards a target.

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What you stand to gain

In very simple terms

High ROI

You can earn up to 17% Return On Investment. Pretty high right? That's bacause we are the best and we are not greedy. It's your money we use afterall.

Above 7% Referral Commission

You can make more money with our referral programme than marketers working in the bank. This is the side hustle that pays more than the main hustle.

Secure Business Funds

We have taken upon ourselves the task of providing your business the funds it need to become the next big thing through partnership.

Agressive Economic Boost

Secure a headstart in our mission to raise $1.3M to facilitate our dogged determination to create thousands of jobs across Nigeria.

Explore The Financial Power of Your Friends (Referrals)

Make 7% from direct referrals and 1% from 2nd Gen dowlines.

We believe in rewarding the sharing of friends and business associates.
Our network is indeed our networth.

Funds by Immatree

Our Strategy
How we make money

It's wisdom to know what your money is used for.

We invest big time in very high income portfolios that require huge capital base like tech, Edtech, oil & gas, Agriculture, transportation, etc.

We also search and fund viable business pitched by our investors across Africa.

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Investments Plans

Monthly Plan

Get 10% ROI annually by saving monthly

3 Months

Get a whopping 3.5% ROI in just 3 months

6 Months

Get a whopping 8% ROI in just 6 months

1 Year

Get a whopping 17% ROI in just 12 months


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