1. Monthly savings plan with an annual 10% interest. This is like monthly contribution.

2. The three(3) months fixed deposit plan with 3.5% interest.

3. The six(6) months fixed deposit plan with 8% interest.

4. One year fixed deposit plan with 17% interest.

The minimum amount acceptable is the sum of N5,000.

After investment cycle is completed, your capital plus interest is automatically moved to your wallet from which you can request withdrawal.

There are no risks at all. Your money is invested in secure and viable portfolios like agriculture, tech and others.

Yes of course it is. We is a subsidiary unit of Immatree with branches in tech, online schools and venture capital.

We don't. We however invest in eligible businesses.

Absolutely not. We have no business with your BVN

You can credit your wallet through debit card, USSD, transfers, bank deposit, etc

All investments are done from your wallet balance. You can also request withdraw of your wallet balance.

The capital plus accrued interest is automatically added to your wallet balance, so you can reinvest or withdraw.

Below N5,000 : N10.5

N5,001 – N50,000: N26.25

N50,001 and above: N52.5

It is automatically generated and displayed on your dashboard. All you need to do is just click the copy link button.

Go to your referral page to view all referrals and commissions.

Immediately your referral makes his/her first investment, your bonus is sent to your wallet balance.

You're paid 7% of the 1st Gen and 1% of all 2nd Gen's first investment.

Anytime of your choice. You can invest it.